/ˈɪmbrəkeɪt/ (say 'imbruhkayt)

adjective Also, imbricated.
1. bent and hollowed like a pantile.
2. of, like, or decorated with lines or curves resembling overlapping roof tiles.
3. Architecture of or relating to tiles, slates, shingles, etc., which overlap.
4. Biology overlapping like tiles, as scales, leaves, etc.
5. characterised by overlapping scales.
verb (imbricated, imbricating)
verb (t)
6. to overlap like tiles or shingles.
verb (i)
7. to be arranged in an overlapping manner.
{Latin imbricātus, past participle, covered with gutter tiles}
imbricately, adverb
imbricative, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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